Abrakadoodle Art Camp

Let's Go Camping! (Ages 3-12)

Let’s have camping fun without leaving the art room! This art camp takes us to an imaginary world where we will hike, build a campfire, create a nature tapestry and learn about wild animals. We will learn all about camping by mapping our campground, designing our own camping trailer and “collecting” bugs in a jar. We’ll use our imagination and explore painting, printing, collage, nature tapestry and other art media. We will have fun with camping games, creating cool art projects and making new friends—without real mosquitoes!

Kids on Canvas (Ages 6-12)

Abrakadoodle presents Kids on Canvas, a unique art program that teaches children ages 6 to 12 about painting on a variety of canvas surfaces with acrylics. Canvas paper, canvas board and stretched canvas will be used while exploring the versatile medium, acrylics. Master artists that will be introduced along with vocabulary and technique are Renoir, Mondrian, Laurel Burch, Jackson Pollock, Modigliani, Warhol, Sam Francis and Frank Stella.

Mad About Movies (Ages 3-12)

You will LOVE this camp if you love movies and the kooky characters, animations and illustrations in them….from minions to dinosaurs to out of this world environments! Marvelous movies and art together make for some movie madness! Campers learn how movies are made, tell movie stories and recreate favorite movie characters! Explore animation, storyboards, movie music, games and more while making new friends and exploring creative abilities.

ARTBLAST! S.T.E.A.M. (Ages 3-12)

Calling all boys and girls who have a creative, curious mind and like to explore! Learn about how Science is an inspiration for many artists. Boost your imagination while you play and paint with magnets, explore robotic sculptures and Technology. Develop your Engineering skills and design your dream house! Create Artistic Math puzzles and much more while you ignite your creativity. Join us on the Abrakadoodle® STEAM art venture and have a blast while you play games, make new friends and create art in innovative ways!

Going Green! Recycled Art (Ages 3-12)

Green kids care about the environment and we do, too, at Abrakadoodle!  Our Green Kids create French Santon statues inspired by peasants from the Provence region of France. They’ll produce CD art in the style of Piet Mondrian, Chilean Rain Sticks and Tiffany Lamp sculptures all while learning about fine artists such as Renoir, Gustav Klimt and Georges Braque. Each work of art is a masterpiece made with recycled materials that both decorate our world and help to keep our environment clean!  There are also creative games and activities.  We use many, many colors but our emphasis is on GREEN!  Students need to bring the following to class: 2 empty water bottles, a used CD, a cereal box, 2 paper tubes (paper towels and toilet tissue).

Create Your Future! (Ages 3-12)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a super sleuth, a super hero or heroine, race car driver, architect or space explorer - this is the Abrakadoodle camp for you! Follow the clues to create an artist’s sketch of the perpetrator. Learn about fingerprinting and make your own special fingerprint art. Show your super might in a photo illustration. There’s a little competition – and fun, as you create and race your own race car. Put your imagination into overdrive as you design a city for the future. Explore outer space while learning about the Hubble Telescope. Build and name your own star! There will be future focused games, music and a new adventure every day!

Paws, Claws and Hooves (Ages 3-5)

Calling all animal lovers! Bring your imagination and we will provide a ROAAAAARing camp experience! Make your favorite animals come to life using paints, collage, sculpture and more, while learning about animal habits and habitats. There will be cool artwork, games, stories, activities, animal talk and music. If you LOVE animals and nature, and want to make awesome art projects while making new friends too, then this is the camp for you. Whether it’s a growl or a meow, it will be FUN!



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