Class Descriptions

ANGEL YOGA Regular hatha yoga closing with prayer and meditation.
ASHTANGA YOGA Commonly called Power Yoga. Ashtanga builds strength and endurance while stretching the body, mind and spirit. (modifications offered)
BARRE Utilizing ballet and strength moves, this class is designed to increase both flexibility and tone. Class may include bands, light weights and resistance balls.
BODY SCULPT Working all the major muscles of the body. Most folks take 2 sets of different size weights to change out when needed.
BODYPUMP A barbell plate loaded program which strengthens all your major muscles. Use low or high plates to make this class whatever you want. Suitable for ALL Levels.
CARDIO INTERVAL Cardio and strength intervals interspersed with plyometrics and Tabata moves.
CARDIO PLUS I A low impact aerobics workout plus muscle conditioning. Designed to build better cardiovascular capacity plus increase strength. CP I is slower and gentler than CP II.
CARDIO PLUS II A low impact aerobics workout plus muscle conditioning. Designed to build better cardiovascular capacity plus increase strength. CP I is slower and gentler than CP II.
CARDIO SCULPT Basic step class. One can add 2lb hand weights to make this a killer class and beginners can just leave off the weights or the step. This is an incredible one hour complete workout.
CARDIO/CORE CHALLENGE A challenging cardio workout including moves to strengthen your abs, back, glutes and more as we focus on the core muscles.
circuitBURN (45) Fast-paced, 45 minute total body workout utilizing a variety of movements & workout styles, mixing it up each class. We’ll build, tone, sculpt, & burn with circuit-style training, HIIT, tabatas, and mostly bodyweight movements.
CORE STRENGTH Complex (arms and legs together) functional exercises to increase strength. All major muscles will be worked in conjunction with other muscles using the core always.
GENTLE YOGA Gentle Hatha Yoga
HIIT (45) High intensity interval training combining burst of cardio with strength training using primarily body and our LeBert Equalizers.
HIIT BURST Intended to rev up your metabolism and increase your strength through intervals of high intense exercises separated by complete rest or low intensity exercises. Progression and modification options given for all fitness levels.
MOVEMENT IMPROVE Can be just to improve balance, memory, coordination and stability. It is also for folks with MS or Parkinson's or a brain injury. Chairs are used for part or all of class.
PILATES The cure for many back issues by building the core, improving muscle strength, alignment and balance. This is not the class for the unconditioned.
POWER FLOW YOGA An energetic yoga class that links each movement to a breath using Vinyasa flows as well as standing poses and stretches to increase strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. All levels welcome with modifications shown to suit most students.
SH'BAM A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout. No dance experience required.
SPIN High energy workout on a stationary bike to motivating music as one travels up hills and through valleys burning calories at a high rate.
SPIN INTERVAL Intervals of cardio and strength training intermixed (or stay on the bike if you prefer) Talk about a great workout !
STEP Stepping up and down on adjustable platforms.
STEP INTERVAL Intervals of cardio and strength training intermixed.
TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING Cardio using steps or floor, strength and core conditioning, balance and flexibility training.
ULTIMATE High intensity cardio, strength, core and flexibility.
WHEEL POWER Bursts of steady-state cardio using the stationary bike mixed with strength & core intervals using both bodyweight & free weights.
YOGA Hatha yoga improves breathing, strength, flexibility, agility, memory and balance for the average person.
ZUMBA An dynamic class that is easy to follow and burns major calories. Zumba is so much fun you will forget you are exercising! Great for beginners as well as the hard bodies!
ZUMBA + Zumba with an additional 15 minutes of upper body exercises.