Argentine Tango

Taught by Angelo Montero & April Parker

While new Sessions begin every seven weeks, one can begin at any lesson.This six-week class focuses on the fundamentals of Argentine tango, including posture, embrace, walking steps and rhythmic movements. We get students on the social dance floor as quickly as possible.

Fun with Fundamentals gives you the ability to acquire a basic movement vocabulary quickly. We change partners frequently so you have the experience of dancing with avariety of dancers, which facilitates learning and adds social fun.

Intermediate/Advanced class is open to all those who have completed a Fun with Fundamentals session or who already have tango experience. Here we focus on helping students develop individual expression in choreography and musicality and on perfecting technique.

Guided Practica is your opportunity to take advantage of our teaching staff’s knowledge. Ask any question about the class you just took or any aspect of Argentine Tango.

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